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Business Advice

General Management of SME's

Our general management expertise has been acquired over two decades of hands-on management of small enterprises, where board responsibility went hand in hand with day to day operational management issues.

Credit Control and Working Capital Release

The bane of most small companies is often the way that working capital gobbles up revenue, in both good times and bad. Perhaps your company has capital tied up in debtors and inventory that could well be used to pay down debt or fund expansion. If it is, please give us a call for a free discussion about the opportunities for releasing this capital without the costs of factoring.

Lead Time Reduction and Throughput Management

In today's world of 'Agile Business', 'Supply Chain Management', and 'JIT', it is often the business that can respond most quickly that wins the order. Our achievements include reducing the delivery time for custom-made architectural fabrications from three weeks down to a scant three days from order to despatch. (And rush orders could even be next-day delivery!)

Workflow Improvement

As companies grow, rudimentary but adequate systems for managing the flow of work are adapted piecemeal to meet new challenges. Informal and undocumented methods of working are introduced which solve one problem, while laying the foundations for another. Your business comes to depend heavily on information held in your employees heads and nowehere else, putting you at risk should they leave or become ill. A more insidious problem is that systems that have evolved organically in this way lock in inefficiencies of multiple handling of information, poor communication, and poor self-monitoring. This can increase delivery times, overhead costs, and errors, all of which give away business to your competitors, and eat into your profit margins.

Skills Training

It can be surprising how some employees exercise an influence on your business perfomance that is out of all proportion to their position. Receptionists, credit control clerks, bookkeepers and others can inadvertently cause hidden losses through lack of skill or training. Intercept Solutions is a franchised trainer with access to a low-cost, accredited distance learning programme. Our Enterprise Skills Programme allows your employees to acquire valuable skills in their own time. Certificates of achievement are awarded after the employee has demonstrated their competence at in the workplace.

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